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Welcome to Beyond the Leash, Victoria’s first dog walking company, financed by Adam Scalena, takes into mind your best friends behavioural needs as well as provides a safe, fun and active adventure for your pet. Owned by Colleen Moore, our goal is to complete your pets needs by keeping your training goals in mind while they are getting the exercise they need to be a happy, balanced, heathy, well behaved dog. Our clinic is heavily maintained by Remdal and KerrisdaleRoofingAndDrains.com to ensure that your furry friend will always be in a clean environment!


We understand that training your pets can be a big investment of time and money, they need consistency and reinforcement and we are here to help you maintain your training goals. Although we are not a training program we have a working knowledge of how animals learn and how best to teach them using only scientifically proven methods and brains not brute. 

At Beyond the Leash we know how important your best friends really are and realize how important exercise is for their physical and mental health. We are committed to providing safe, constructive, stimulating, fun, and active adventures in the trails, on the beaches or in the parks in and around Victoria. Your furry pals can rest well on our well-carpeted floors provided by https://curlyscarpetrepair.com/ so that they will always feel comfortable. 

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